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On the following pages you will see samples of VR Panoramic Photography!
A VR Panorama (VR = Virtual Reality) is a specially created computer image that goes all the way around the viewer. It is a revolutionary way to document a particular place and time - the best alternative to being there!

VR Panoramas are interactive QuickTime, Flash or HTML5 generated movies. Press the left mouse button and move the pointer inside the movie to look around, or use the Shift and Control button to zoom in or out.

Even most of my samples are Flash movies, there are still some where you need the QuickTime Player.

Virtuall Tours are multiple VR Panoramas linked together for a "sightseeing" Tour through a Hotel, Villa, Factory or any other locations. For all Virtual Tours you will need the Adobe Flash Player!

See some samples of Virtual Tours right here!

Please download the according player, if it is not yet installed on your computer!


Download now quicktime logo it's for free! Adobe Flash  


Click at the Link of SkyEyeBali.com below, to see a new way of Aerial Photography in Bali and beyond


Last updated : 10 August 2012